Rochester NY Newborn Photography

About the Session:

Newborns (5 - 12 days old)

Your baby will never be this small again!

We like to photograph your sweet tiny baby as soon as possible, (5-10 days old is recommended). Babies older than two weeks of age tend to sleep less soundly and do not curl up easily, less flexible which makes the sleepy poses harder to achieve. Newborn sessions take up to 3 hours, on average, due to the time involved to get baby to sleep and stay sleeping during the sessions. If baby becomes upset during the session it can be very challenging to sooth them back to sleep for the 'sweet sleepy poses' that everyone likes.



Newborn Session in the Studio - $385

includes 15-25 High Resolution digital files on CD disk, with photo print release (to print images for personal use)

 Baby only

• Which includes photo session 2-3 hours photographer’s time, creations, time to get

  baby to sleep, feedings and diaper changes.

• anywhere from 15-25 images, 15 fully edited and touched up (removal of jaundice, redness, blemishes etc.)

Included is the use of our darling props, warm fuzzy blankets, amazing outfits.

Newborn session fee does not include prints, products or digital images.

• You may chose to get a Family and Sibling photos w/baby for $20 extra*


Newborn twins or Triplets additional  $50

 • Which includes photo session 2-4 hours.

• 20-25 images


 Additional information:

When session is booked you automatically agree with our Policies. Please read our policies before book your session.


Please note that the copyright of the images still belongs to the photographer and the studio. Models and Clients (and other people in a photo) DO NOT own copyright.“Copyright exists from the moment the work is created.” — U.S. Copyright Office. "Logo Watermark" This tells others the name of the copyright owner and creator of the images.
With copyright, someone who wants to commercially use our work has to get our permission first.
If you make money with your blog, you have a commercial website and therefore you’d need to get permission
from the creator/photographer BestPhotoDesign of the work in order to use it.
You may not use for advertising contests or sell these images. You may not reproduce or alter the images without the permission from BestPhotoDesign.
Client has right to print the images and make unlimited numbers of prints, for personal use only.
These images may be printed but not altered or edited in any way other then by the BestPhotoDesign  photographer/designer.
Images may be posted online Social media like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..) only with our watermark or proper credit to give a link
to our website: Your license does not include use that result in financial gain, including but not limited to: advertising, stock photography, prints or digital images sales profits.
Images may not be entered into any contest  without the express written permition of BestPhotoDesign.

* Newborn session also includes our props, outfits for your newborn to wear.

* Unlimited clothing changes within the time given.

* All props and blankets are washed in all natural detergent before session.

* Proof/Order session will be scheduled within 3 weeks after the session.

* A $100 dollars deposit is due at the time of booking. This reserves your session date, the $100 deposit will then be applied to the photo session's fee or prints of your choice.

To BOOK your session, please click HERE

* Photo shoots and video recording by clients or guests NOT allowed during the photo session.

* Please keep very quiet and calm atmosphere. We have to keep the baby as relaxed and sleepy as possible.

Where will the Session take place?

- In our studio located at Victor, NY 14564.

Before session start:

A $100 dollar deposit is due at the time of booking. This reserves your session date, the $100 deposit will then be applied to the prints of your choice or session fee.
Deposit is non-refundable if clients miss their appointment.

Due to the nature photography we do not offer a refund on session fee's.

Half payment of Session fee is required after photo session.
Returning clients receive an automatic 10% off on any photo prints order!

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